FX success is a managed forex,binary options and cryptocurrency fund. The trader Bryan Barnes who runs the fund creates profits buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange market. He usually manages to make 8-10% per week and keeps anything over 7% for himself.

You make money by making a deposit that pays you weekly earnings. It works a lot like having a “certificate of deposit” or a savings account – you earn a percentage on your deposit or principal. The more money you deposit, the more money you make. But the percentage is the same for all members and it can be different every week.

Nothing (smile) Just relax and wait for Saturday.

You can make up to 1.4% per working day (up to 7% a week). This is not a fixed number – it is UP TO seven percent a week

You don’t – the money is sent to you automatically every Saturday.

Yes, all you need to do is once you receive your profits every Saturday, you simply reinvest/top up your capital.

That is your money – you can withdraw it if you’d like. There is a 90 calendar day lock-in period for the first deposit. After that, you can ask for all or some of your money if you need it.

We currently pay 5% commissions on all your referrals’ deposits – initial deposits as well as additional deposits.

success is open to everyone of legal age to make investments and financial decisions.

No, it’s not. FX success is lucky to have a capable trader and low expenses which translate to solid and consistent income to all of its members.

Yes. Your investment with FX success is guaranteed, insured and regulated in all aspects, so there's nothing to worry about.

Each sign up have a duration of 2 weeks to fund account, after which your account will be placed on dormant/closed down.

If you do not agree with all of these rules, you should NOT be depositing funds with us. By using our services, you agree with all the rules and regulations explained in this group.


The minimum that you can deposit is $1000 per processor. There is no maximum amount you can have in your account.


There are no withdrawal requests. Normally, your money is sent to you automatically every Saturday to the processor indicated in your dashboard below.


The minimum that you can re-deposit is $1000 per processor.

Same rules that apply to first deposits also apply to re-deposits.

Account Status and Changes

Members who want to switch from withdrawals to compounding or from compounding to withdrawals, please send an email to the support team for more clarification.


we currently pay 5% commissions on all your referrals deposits, initial deposit as well as additional deposits, and we’ve two referral level which is level 1 and level 2.

Yes, all you need to do is once you receive your profits every Saturday, you simply reinvest/top up your capital.

Yes, commissions are available only to paid members. You can not claim a referral bonus for anyone unless you’ve made a deposit to FX success.

Cashing Out

Each deposit have a 90 days calendar after which your capital is eligible for withdrawals. In otherwords, you have to be an invested member for 90 days before you can ask to take out your equity.

Yes, you can withdraw to any processor, regardless of which processor/s you used when you made your deposit/s. Keep in mind there is a 1% withdrawal fee for bitcoin users as we have to use an exchanger.

Your earnings are based on the amount you have in the fund. If you have $0 deposited, you will make up to 7% of $0 which is nothing